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Alexa Z Meditates - Your Life, But Better

Dec 2, 2019


“Did you lose a loved one and miss them terribly this holiday? You are in the company of many others, but it still feels like it is a heavy burden that only you must carry.”

“Maybe you are on social media and you see how incredibly joyous and perfect everyone’s holidays are; we know it’s not reality, but it can make things more stressful.”

“JOMO, the joy of missing out”

“We want to take a step back and use some self-care so that when we hit the emotional rollercoaster of the holidays, we can allow our rational mind to catch up to our emotional mind.”

In this episode, Alexa discusses how meditation and mindfulness can help you navigate the stress of the holidays. We all want to have a perfect holiday season, which can cause a lot of stress and frustration. Alexa talks about how to train your brain so that you can be present and create wonderful memories with your family and also take care of yourself.